What makes each leather bag unique?

What makes each leather bag unique?

Today we are used to buying industrial products.

The handcrafted object is not disposable: it is made to last over time.

Vintage Leather Goods, Mancini Leather Since 1918
Some vintage pieces (mid-twentieth century) exhibited in my boutique in Rome.

Understanding an artisanal creation is the beginning of a different choice.

Each handcrafted leather bag is unique.

Because the selection of the leather always takes place on small quantities, so the cut of the leather is adapted to each creation.

Choosing a handmade bag means wanting to create your own style and stand out from mass consumption. 

With this in mind, you are willing to pay the right price for leather and handcrafting, which requires considerable care and experience.

Seeking inspiration, choosing materials, trying to refine and finally create an object, are gestures that are part of popular culture all over the world.

My laboratory in Rome - Mancini Leather Since 1918
My laboratory in Rome - Mancini Leather Since 1918
My laboratory in Rome, Mancini Leather Since 1918

We artisans work with our feet rooted in the past and our hearts open to the future, in the hope that the knowledge handed down for generations will not be lost.


Riccardo Mancini

Riccardo Mancini, Italian leather handmade doctor bag - Mancini Leather Since 1918